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Here is a little bit about who we are and what we believe. These sections contain information gleaned from our community, material hosted here is used in all cases with permission of the author. If you would like a work of yours published here or linked to, please write to the webmistress. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us.

About the Elenari

The Elenari FAQ

A Perspective on What Defines Us - Syleniel

The Adrastai - A'hri'l


Memories of the cultures on Sel'ar - Dan O'Dea

The Story So Far - The first thing Syleniel ever wrote about being Elven, which is a compilation of memories, both her own and memories of those she knew well when she wrote it. It is a story of Sel'ar and how the people there arrived on Earth. It is one of many perspectives of our history.


Rememberances of the Dai'ari - Dan O'Dea

A Story of the Kalthilas - Rilluin

Various Memories:

Writings of Tal Leonan - Writings and conversations from the old TirNanOc mailing list by Tal Leonan, also known as Gil Gilad on the lists.


BulletDes'tai - "may you always walk the Path that is in Harmony"

An essay by Amanjaku
An essay by A'hri'l

Bullet Other writings

On Elves and Vampires - Ashran

The Septagram
(sometimes called the Elven Star)

BulletThe Seven Principles of Huna - on
Not specifically about the septagram, however this has an elven texture.
BulletAn Essay by Devan
- hosted here
Bullet Lanthinel's Essay
- on
Bullet Star Elf's Interpretation
- hosted here
Bullet Sade's Meditation
- on

Our Languages

BulletEstara's language compliation - on Estara's site

Bullet Remembering Our Language - Compiled by Rialian, this is a list comprised of Elenari dialects and other Elven languages.

Guideposts on the Path

BulletThoughts on memory retrieval, and a technique - Ashran

BulletOn Awakening:
Essays from the Guardians' Grimoirs hosted at Estara's Iseum

What am I? Am I elenari, an elf, otherkin, or just human? People keep telling me to look within, how do I do this? An essay on looking within. - Syleniel

Another great tool for self-discovery is meditation. Here is good essay on the benefits of meditation.

BulletGeneral Inforamation:
Definitions & differences between Devas and Nature Spirits - Dan O'Dea

Here is a compilation of songs that have inspired me and seem to have magic in them- Syleniel

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