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The Elenari are but one set of elven cultures among a beautiful variety of elves. This area is dedicated to the myriad elven races and cultures. As always, material is used with permission of the author. If you would like a work of yours published here or linked to, please write to the webmistress.

Elven Cultures

BulletHosted here:

The Katur'Ali of Til'Quintas - Aiaquel'Quert

About the Elves

BulletHosted here:

The Elven Way - Ilon Bluesky

Being an Elf ina Hooman's World - Wyndreamer

buttonOut on the Web:

The Silver Elves - a site most elven

Elves Like Me

buttonElves in Mythology on the Web:

The True Elves of Europe - Leonid L. Korablev

Encyclopedia Mythica - Good site for information on mythical creatures

We also have some links to elven personal sites on the Web.

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