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We are Elves of similar philosophies, culture, and worldviews who have been reborn into human bodies here on Earth. While we have spent our past lives on different worlds, our histories are intertwined.

We seek to understand ourselves by understanding our past, our present, and our potential futures.

We walk the Path of Des'tai, of Harmony with the Cosmic Dance. We welcome others like ourselves - or those who walk in Harmony and seek to understand us - to walk with us.

This site is designed to help you find your own answers and to help the Elenari to find companionship with one another. You will not find all the answers here, all answers lie within each of us. Hopefully, you will find things here to help you access those answers inside yourself.

The site is going through a major code and content cleanup. Please bear with us as the pages are updated.

Graphics on this site are all original, created by Syleniel. Please do *not* use them without prior permission. Stealing graphics is ripping off peoples' time & disrespecting their work.
Permission will be granted if requested for non-offensive sites.

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